The next Information Design Summer School 2023.

The ninth Information Design Summer School will be held online between April 11 and May 24, 2023.

The 2023 summer school will be the ninth in a series that’s gained a reputation as the best intensive introduction to information design. Traditionally delivered face to face, we moved online in 2021. Our usual intensive week is now stretched over six weeks of lectures, discussions and creative projects. 

The summer school orients you within the world of information design, and is ideal both for designers wishing to specialise and non-designers wishing to apply these ideas to their work. As well as graphic designers, we regularly have lawyers, technical writers, civil servants, educators and medics wanting to solve their own specific communication problems. 

This year there’s an optional face-to-face practical workshop, in Vienna, leading up to the IIID’s Vision Plus conference on the theme of health information design.

Website and registration: The Simplification Centre

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