Book: ‘Information Visualisation’

New book by Maria dos Santos Lonsdale about ‘Information Visualisation’.

The publisher states: ‘In a world of information overload, this book will help you to cut through the noise and communicate information with clear, efficient, and engaging visualisations. 

This book:  

• Explains the principles behind information visualisation, including the science of visual perception and cognition
• Provides guidelines that bring research and best practice together
• Showcases a range of examples, and outlines the do’s and don’ts of different approaches
• Shows how to use research methods to design with and for your target audience. 

From an expert with years of experience researching, teaching, and doing information visualisation, learn how to make better and informed decisions around visualisation design that are appropriate for both your data and audience.’

Foreword written by Prof. Dr. Rune Pettersson.

Website: Sage Publishing. Sample pages: Preview.

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