IIID Visionplus conference

Information Design for Healthcare – draft programme now online!

25-26 May 2023

The 19th Visionplus conference focuses on healthcare, prevention, and well-being:

Information Design for Healthcare

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Finding a way through healthcare systems, healthcare buildings, and healthcare finances is often a challenge, even when we’re healthy and wealthy. Information is crucial to enable people to act appropriately.

The focus of the conference is on questions like:

  • How do information design principles relate to patients and their health?
  • Could information design be beneficial for the outcomes of treatments, care, and well-being?
  • Do patients really notice and appreciate information design?
  • What kinds of evidence and reasoning is required to show the relevance of information design in health contexts?
  • Can information design bridge the communication gap between patients and care-professionals?
  • Could information design really alleviate some of the pressures on healthcare systems?
  • How to visualise information about risks and benefits?

Please direct any questions to: research.education@iiid.net