Membership 2023-12-06

There are some advantages to becoming a IIID member:

Join the community: You connect with a global information design network.

Receive updates: You receive regular email newsletters about the Institute’s events and activities, information from the worldwide network as well as posting your own news that may be of interest to the IIID community.

Come to events: You receive a discount on participation fees for IIID events and events run by IIID partners.

Submit your work to the IIIDaward: You receive a discount on the participation fee.

Participate: You have the right to vote at the General Assembly and are eligible for office as a Board Member of IIID.

Individual members get 20 EUR discount on annual subscription of the Information Design Journal (IDJ order form)

Types of membership

IIID has been looking at how individual IIID membership will be organised in the future, becoming effective from 2024.

We are in the process of re-designing our website and membership application. If you are interested in joining IIID, please contact us for details and registration: No membership fees are charged in 2023.

Overview table of types of membership
Overview of membership types

Corresponding member

Concessional fee
Students, retirees, people and organisations in *ODA recipient countries
20 EUR/year

80 EUR

NPOs/Universities/Small Business
200 EUR/year

500 EUR/year