IIID timeline

Intro text


The beginnings …

Peter Simlinger took the first steps to create an international organisation dedecated to the design of graphic information together with Harald Gardos, then General Secretary of the Austrian UNESCO Commission in Vienna.

Registration of IIID

Application for the registration of IIID with Austrian authorities.
Application signed by Peter Simlinger as President and Dr. Harald Gyros as General Secretary. >Application

23 December 1985
27 October 1988

First General Assembly

The first IIID Board members: Michael Hardt (President); W.M. de Majo (1st Vice President); Harald Gardos (2nd Vice President); Wilhelm Diem (Treasurer); Carl Auböck,  Roman Tomaszewski, Rudolf Stonawski (other members of the Board); Michael Twyman, Thomas Vavrinek, Wolfgang Baum, Hans-Peter Stocker, Georg Becker, Walter Greisner, Ernst Roch (members of the Advisory Board), Peter Simlinger (Director). > Minutes

To be continued …