Conversation with Rob Waller, 7 April 2022 at 1400 UTC

Rob Waller is the speaker at the first of our new series of IIID Conversations. He will talk about the Information Design Summer School – its history, how it works, how it integrates (only useful) theory with practice, and what kind of people attend. The Summer School has been running since 2013, as a fast-track induction into how information designers think. It’s attracted people from many backgrounds – engineers, medics, lawyers, statisticians, technical writers, educators, as well as graphic designers wanting to specialise in information design. It’s usually an intensive week face-to-face, but in 2021 it went online. Most projects are set by real clients, and Rob will show some of this work.


Rob Waller is the current President of IIID and organiser of the Simplification Centre. He is semi-retired from a long career in information design, which has taken in research, teaching and practice. His clients have included many well-known names in financial services, energy, government and publishing. His personal website is