Yosune Chamizo Alberro

Information Designer / Mexico City, Mexico

Yosune Chamizo Alberro
Information Designer
Mexico City, Mexico

Animal Político Information Designer
workin in a journalistic environment

motivation to work in info design?

For more than 10 years I dedicated my work to editorial design and that was the job I enjoyed a lot. However, it was not until I completed my master’s degree in information design with a project on Central American migrants who crossed Mexico, that I realized that the information design applied to social affairs was what really passionate me. After that I had the privilege of being invited to be part of the team at Animal Político, a digital native newspaper in Mexico that deals with issues such as violence, corruption, transparency, human rights, inequality and others.
Being in a place where everyday I understand more the reality of the country in which I live is a luxury, and having the opportunity that my work reaches hundreds of people is a privilege. When we published the news report on “The Ghost Companies of Veracruz” (that won the National Journalism Award in 2017) that gave rise to the investigation that today has the governor of that state in jail accused of corruption, I realized the impact that the work we do in Animal Político can have.
Information desing can transform our reality, and I have experienced it first-hand: that is my motivation.

working on at the moment?

In Mexico, 2018 is an election year, there will be a change of president and several governors, so at this moment I am carrying out projects related to elections both with Animal Político and on my own.

project you consider a great example of information design?

In the article “Logic and Visual Information” by Hammer, E.M., with a diagram similar to the following, the author expresses the relative distance between the Earth, Moon and Mars:
Earth — Moon ——–Mars
It seems trivial and very simple, however it is a great example of how this type of representations are very necessary in our information consumption. Sometimes with 3 words and 2 lines we can explain complex processes, and for me, this is the challenge.

dream project?

I enjoy synthesizing very complex problems in a clear and easy to understand information. One project would be to explain the history of human beings in one data visualization. To portray so many years of history in a single image would be a very intersting challenge.