Will Stahl-Timmins

BMJ Publishing Inc. / London, UK

Will Stahl Timmins
BMJ Publishing, Inc.
London, United Kingdom

Data Graphics Designer
Information Design Association Committee

motivation to work in information design?

I am an information designer working in visual communication of health research data to practitioners and researchers. I tell stories using data visualisation and infographics.

working on at the moment?

Full time for the BMJ (former British Medical Journal) making static and interactive infographics for print and web.
Check out: www.bjm.com/infographics

project you consider a great example of info design?

Old favourites of mine include the work of the Isotype Institute, London Transport, Captain Sankey and Minard. I also love this visualisation of drone strikes: www.drones.pitchinteractive.com, Moritz Stefaner’s data cuisine (data-cuisine.net) and there was an interesting visualisation in Nature recently by Jan Willem Tulp summarising and crowdfunding cancer research data.

dream project?

While I love working on the BMJ infographics, I’ve been interested in data sculpture and physical infographics recently. I’d love to work on some exhibition projects one day, that blend the virtual space of dataviz with physical objects.