Ricky Stoch

Ricky Stoch Design / South Africa

Ricky Stoch
Ricky Stoch Design
South Africa

MA Visual Design Communication at the Royal College of Art

motivation to work in info design?

Coming from South Africa, where we have one of the lowest rates of functional literacy in the world, I became obsessed with information design and visual communication as a solution to helping individuals take medication, engage in politics and the law.

working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on a sticker that can be added to the packaging of the antiretrovirals with the aim of adhering to the medication. The design is based on the same theory that increased adherence to oral contraceptives when their packaging was redesigned in the 1960s.

project you consider a great example of info design?

NYC Subway Map, Massimo Vignelli

dream project?

The project I am currentyl working on feels al lot like a dream project as it has the potential to tangibly affect the lives of those living with HIV, as well as impacting the way in which we deal with the control and the management of the disease. That said, my research up till now has been in visual communication as a tool for behavioural change so any project where I can apply that theory would be inspiring, challenging and exciting.