Karel van der Waarde

Graphic Design – Research / Elewijt, Belgium

Karel van der Waarde
Graphic Design – Research
Elewijt, Belgium

Professor Visual Communication, Swinburne University of Technology
IIID Vice President, Education & Research

motivation to work in info design?

Multi-faceted profession: it is essential to deal with a wide variety of people and organizations. Making sure that the people who have to deal with complex information can actually handle it without noticing how complex it really is remains a continuous challenge.

working on at the moment?

Information about medicines for patients, doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

project you consider a great example of info design?

Google maps – including some apps related to it. They really make life easier when I’m at a specific location looking for something. (And I don’t have to know how complex the underlying structure is: it simply provides answers).

dream project?

An information design strategy for a therapy that is based on the needs of patients. Right from the first recognition of symptoms and diagnosis all the way to health management. Information about medicines is just a part of this. The strategy needs to be based on ‘a variety of patients’ looking at ‘a variety of things’ in different contexts and at different times of treatment.