Gillian Harvey

University of Alberta / Edmonton, Canada

Gillian Harvey
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada

Assistant Professor of Design Studies
President of Edmonton Wayfinding Society

motivation to work in info design?

I’m drawn to systems and complexity. I like helping people find solutions to complex issues through research. The idea that design can save lives motivates me.

working on at the moment?

Designing a participatory urban mapping and wayfinding event for Edmonton Design Week in September; researching different ways to explain the patient intake process at hospital emergency rooms; researching how people use instructions in medical/emergency situations.

projects you consider a great example of info design?

The London Underground Map – one early example of how to represent information spatially, rather than geographically; Isotype for children’s publications, A Better A & E, PearsonLloyd; Legible London, Bristol Legible City; and Applied’s work internationally on wayfinding.

dream project?

The design of an educational package to be given out to children in schools that taught systems thinking to school age children;
redesign of an early medical intervention instructions to prevent overdose and death; branding exhibition design, and wayfinding in a children’s museum.