Claudine Jaenichen

Chapman University / California, USA /

Claudine Jaenichen
Chapman University
California, USA

Associate Professor of Graphic Design
IIID Vide President Communications

motivation to work in info design?

Advocacy trough based evidence-based practice and principles.

working on at the moment?

I am working on an international initiative with Design Network for Emergency Management creating tsunami evacuation communication guidelines for emergency management.

project you consider a great example of info design?

A Better A&E led by PearsonLloyd, Medicine for People initiative led by David Sless and the Communication Research Institute, Bristol.
Legible City by Tim Fendley, and Simple Action Reports led by Rob Waller and the Simplification Centre.

dream project?

To participate on a federal committee dedicated to ensuring that design thinking and evidence-based design principles are leveraged into policy and standards for public communication before, during and after emergencies.